Meet the culture on Bornholm!

Every year in the 38th calendar week, when the late summer on Bornholm is on its highest with heat and rich colors, the Culture Week invites for absorption and indulgence with culture events every day on the whole island.

The Bornholm Culture Week has a new theme every year, which artists and organizers have to take a stand on and interprete. The theme of this year is the danish word "RUM" which means "room" or ""space".

The Culture Week has four fixed features, and the oldest is the concert row "Udenfor Sæsonen" danish for “Off Season”, where the Danish singer Steffen Brandt lets well known, established artists perform in new contexts with young, new talents. The participants are challenged by interpreting their own work but also the art of others in a new way. In 2011 the project was rewarded by ”Statens Kunstråds Musikudvalg” (The Danish Arts Council's Music Committee) for its unique character.

Since 2012 the classical music has got its counterpart to “Off Season” with the concerts of the mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini. This – not less experimenting project – is called “Classical on the Edge”, and has a fixed crew of musicians from The Piazolla Orchestra, that also functions as “house band”. We are talking about international superstars, who move you with an untraditional set-up at the beautiful old Rønne Theatre.

In 2014 the Bornholm Culture Week was expanded with the Jakob Hansens Literature Festival. For many years it had been a wish from the board to give literature a more prominent role in the culture week. Bornholmian author Dennis Gade Kofoed is the host, and he is not inferior to either Steffen Brandt or Andrea Pellegrini, when it comes to passion for experiments.

Even in 2015, the Bornholm Culture Week offers new approaches, when the food culture will present at the Bornholm Culture Week 2015 - beginning at the Danish regional food culture house “Gaarden” (the farm), which is affiliated to the agriculture museum Melstedgård outside of Gudhjem. Here a food culture festival is opened, and here, the ingredients from local production will be in focus.

In addition to the four fixed events there will be a long row of other culture events during the week. History and culture history will be communicated at city tours, archeology, exhibitions and open house at museums, collections and culture institutions. Music in almost all genres can be experienced in churches, places of exhibitions and at music venues. Jazz, blues, folk, classical music and pop/rock – everything your heart might desire. Visual arts, sculptures, arts and crafts - together with performances, movies, narrative art and theatre create a rich palette of experiences.

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