Cultural raw materal

Cultural raw materal

NatureAakirkebyThursday, 19th September
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Starting at NaturBornholm you get at guided walk through the history of raw materials and the different uses as "building stones" in many ordinary products from our everyday life.

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NaturBornholm, Grønningen 30, 3720 Aakirkeby


Thursday, 19th September


14.00 - 16.00

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1: At the Aakirkeby-day during the culture week, Thursday 19 September, there is free admission to NaturBornholm if you wear your culture week badge.

2: The guided tour and activity "Cultural raw material" is free and only for participants who wear the culture week badge.

3: On the other 7 days of the culture week there is a discount on the admission price for NaturBornholm when you wear the culture week badge.

Adult admission with badge is 105 kr. (Normal admission 125 kr.) Childrens admission (3-11 years) with badge is 50 kr.(normal admission 60 kr.)