Merryland Festival – art, music & foodie

Merryland Festival – art, music & foodie

Food culture, Popular musicØstermarieFriday, 13th September
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Vernissage with local artists. Intimate concert with June Beltoft and Tim Beam. Lounge atmosphere and later dancing to the DJ-duo Browbots. Stalls with food and drinks from the Bornholm food implementors.

Practical info

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Entrance fee for the concert: 50 kr.

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Godthåbsvej 29a 3751 Østermarie


Friday, 13th September


14.00 - 00.00

Entrance fee

50 kr.


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Food culture, Popular music


The vernissage and other things before 19.30 is free, however a badge is obligatory throughout the arrangement, and can be bought on site if it is not purchased in advance.