About us

About Bornholm Culture Week

Bornholm Culture Week is an annual event which took place for the first time in 2001.

Every year in the 38th calendar week as the late summer on Bornholm reaches its peak with heat and rich colors, the culture week invites for immersion and indulgence with cultural events every day on the whole island.

The event has slowly but steadily developed into a diverse phenomenon with almost every art form represented. On Facebook (in Danish) you can follow the preparations and see presentations of the many participating artists.


Vision of Bornholm Culture Week

We want to be a window towards the world showing the calibre of Bornholm's culture!

We open a number of culture trails with different aims that you as a participant can follow throughout the 10 days that the culture week lasts. 

We would like to show all of the island to our guests - if you follow one of the culture trails you will get around all of Bornholm

An astounding number of events

The programme has become so comprehensive that we have chosen to organise it in a new way. As a member of the audience you can choose to follow a certain culture trail throughout the week if you are interested in a specific topic. But of course you can also construct your very own programme by picking out from the different culture trails. We aim at having at least one activity from each cultural trail every day.

At the same time it is important for us that the audience gets around the whole island. Therefore we focus on a particular town or area every day.

Culture trails

Nine culture trails lead to exciting activities within Popular Music, Classical Music, History/ Cultural History, Food Culture, Art, Literature, Arts and Crafts, Theatre/Performing Arts and Nature. 

The culture week's access sign

As a member of the audience you support the culture week by buying a culture week wrist band. From 2018 we call it a "culture week pass" because it is the access sign to all the cultural experiences during the culture week.

The board and organisation of the culture week

Bornholm Culture Week is conducted by Foreningen Bornholms Kulturuge which has a board of 7 members. 

Mikkel Claus Bach-Jensen (Chairman), Martin Schødts (Vice chairman), Jens Svane Boutrup, Steffen Brandt, Maria Fromsejer Kjærgaard, Inge Prip, Pernille Kofod Lydolph and Klaus Vesløv.  

The board determines the terms of participation as an organizer, picks projects according to applications and distributes funds to events. 

Destination Bornholm ApS functions as secretariat and manages administration and marketing. We employ a culture week coordinator who manages contact to the organisers. The coordinater also works as the contact for the media. Project coordinator: Laura Frederikke Jespersen / lauraj@bornholm.info