Culture Trails

Culture Trails

Bornholm Culture Week has nine different Culture trails that you as a guest can choose to follow. During the week, the trail will lead you to new experiences every day presenting the best of what Bornholm has to offer. You can also make your own programme with activities from different culture trails. 


The nine culture trails are:

Popular Music has the Outside of the Season concerts as an important event. Here Steffen Brandt lets well known, established musicians perform in new contexts with new young talents. They try out their own as well as each other's works. In 2011 the project received a prize from Statens Kunstråds Musikudvalg (The Danish Arts Council's Music Committee) for its unique character. In the same culture trail we also present concerts with new skilful local bands and musicians.  

History/Cultural history is one of the trails in which Bornholm has a special position in Denmark. In several eras, the history of Bornholm differs remarkably from the rest of the country. By following the historical trail you will learn about the uniqueness of Bornholm. Throughout the years the culture week has had a tradition for showing the newest archaeological findings from the excavations on the island. Other recurring events in this trail are city walks in several different cities.

Food Culture is another discipline in which Bornholm has become a world-class player. Denmark's first regional food culture house "Gaarden" was established here in 2015 and since then it has been hosting Gaarden's Food Culture Fest where local products play an important role. 

Art is a palpable culture trail of Bornholm. Most people know the Bornholm school of painters, but to this day also many artists are based on the island where they gather inspiration from the island's nature and its unique light. You can meet these artists at the exhibitions and workshops throughout the week. 

Classical music some of the best artist in the world are every year a part of this trail in the culture week. With the passion for classical music and the power to explore new ways in the music and traditions, the cultur week can present concerts, which you want expirience everywhere. 

Literature is a trail you will be able to follow in every town where you can meet new as well as old writers - and maybe there will also be tastings on the fantasy genre. The program is brand new every year.

Arts and Crafts is an area in which Bornholm has had a leading position for many years. The traditions of the island's ceramics go way back in time and they can be studied at Hjorths Fabrik in Rønne. In Nexø there is Den Danske Keramikfabrik (The Danish Ceramics Factory) as well as a department of The Danish Design School (both glass and ceramics). In 2017 Bornholm was given the honorouble title of World Craft Region as the first place in Europe. The honour does to some extent compare to what it means for a restaurant to get a Michelin star. Glass art, textiles and wood crafts are areas that we proudly present in the culture trail: ARTS AND CRAFTS. 

Theatre/Performing Arts has also its own culture trail. For scenic art as well as all other trails the Bornholm Culture Week would like to surprise with untraditional localities spread out over Bornholm. "Circus in Soldalen" is modern circus and performance for audiences of all ages and nationalities. The performances are situated in exceptional surroundings in the wild nature of North Bornholm.

Nature is Bornholm's greatest crowd-puller. The nature of Bornholm is varied to an extent that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Wild rocks and valleys on North Bornholm and the fertile, flat landscape of the south with fantastic sand dunes along the coast. Everywhere humans have left traces in nature and affected the landscape. Follow the nature trail and experience the spectacular nature through competent and captivating guidance. Hear about the legends and myths surrounding the different locations and how the nature of the place has affected people's way of living.