Culture Week Badge

Buy this year's badge

Obligatory access sign! 

For every event at Bornholm Culture Week you must be able to show your culture week pass.

This pass is a badge that you can put on your cloth so it's easy to spot.  


In 2019 the prices are 50 kr. for adults and 30 kr. for children under 16. 

On several occasions there will also be an extra expense like a ticket or an entrance free, while many other events remain free as long as you have your badge. This appears in the description of each specific event. 

Where does the money go?

The income from the sale of badges helps paying for the numerous events during the culture week. Thus, they go to artist remuneration, transport, renting spaces etc.  

Where and when can you buy your badge?

From August you can buy the culture week badge in the webshop here