My Culture Week

“My Culture Week” is based on a cookie. Here you can organize a calendar and put in which events during the Culture Week you want to participate in. Because this is a cookie, you cannot move the list from you PC/tablet/smartphone. But you can mail the list or print “My Culture Week” at any time – and you can add or delete events.
There are repeating events. Here we decided that when you add one of these events to “My Culture Week”, all of the events are added. But you can delete the events you do not want to participate in afterwards. If you have chosen to remove this cookie, you cannot have “My Culture Week” on your device – if you remove/delete cookies, then all events you have put into “My Culture Week” will disappear.
Remember that cookies depend on your browser. If you have several browsers on your device and organize “My Culture Week” in one browser – you won’t find them in the other browsers on your device – meaning, that when you have added events to “My Culture Week” in i.e. Google Chrome, you won’t find them in Internet Explorer or Firefox or others.


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