Meet the culture on Bornholm!

With the beautiful Bornholm late summer as background you get 10 days filled with unique concerts in untraditional places, cultural-historical city walks and guided tours focusing on nature, workshops, exhibitions, showings and talks, dance- and circus performances, visits with artists and food producers.

The Culture Week on Bornholm lasts 10 days from 15 to 24 September 2023.

Experience the special history and cultural history of Bornholm, world class arts and crafts, theatre and scenic art in small and most different scenes, pictorial art, music of all kinds, both classical and rhythmic, gastronomy on local foods, a literature festival with both Bornholm and other Danish writers and last but not least you can experience the unique Bornholm nature.

The Culture Week program is separated in 9 different cultural trails, which you can pick and make up your own personal festival.

Welcome to a unique experience, where you can come close to the artists and culture on our beautiful island Bornholm.

Welcome to the Bornholm Culture Week 2023.

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